Journal of Lesbian Studies. Volume 22, 2018 – problem 3

Journal of Lesbian Studies. Volume 22, 2018 – problem 3


Mommy areas: Racial variations in lesbians’ dating choices for ladies with kids

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Current work implies that battle is really a critical element in shaping sexual identities, partner choice, and household development, suggesting there might be racial variations in whether lesbians have young ones at that time which they search for companions. In this research, we draw on an example of 1,923 lesbians on to quantitatively test whether you can find racial variations in dating choices for ladies with young ones, underscoring implications for household inequality through racial variations in that has kids when searching for a partner. We find that Blacks, Latinas, and Asians are far more most most likely than Whites never to just have kiddies but be open to also dating other ladies with young ones. This implies that battle differentially structures lesbians’ openness to lovers with kiddies, and such choices might be a mechanism that is possible racial stratification.

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1. All these towns ranks top in dimensions of the gay populations (Gates, 2006 Gates, G. J. ( 2006 ). Same-sex partners plus the gay, lesbian, bisexual populace: New estimates through the United states Community Survey. La, CA: The Williams Institute. Google Scholar ).

2. In March of 2011, research assistants downloaded the initial 200 pages (within each race/gender/region team) sorted by whenever daters joined up with the website. This sampling method permitted us to recapture daters that are almost certainly going to be active users of this platform and currently looking for lovers.UTF8[……]

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